Relaxing Sudoku


The Mentalist's Puzzle Set


Two Great Effects for One Low Price

Sudoku, the number placement puzzle that’s sweeping the world, challenges the logic and reasoning skills of young and old alike.  Thousands of newspapers and web sites publish sudoku puzzles every day; with Relaxing Sudoku, you can demonstrate your amazing ability to solve in less than two minutes a puzzle that would normally take ten minutes to complete!

"[Relaxing Sudoku] is clever and right in keeping with what's going on today. It's perfect. I love effects that make you appear to be some sort of mental genius. It will definitely be a permanent part of my repertoire from now on."

-- Richard Osterlind

"If you have toyed with the idea of using a demonstration of Giant Memory or the Knight's Tour, consider using this instead. It is topical, and will make you look like a real mathematical wizard...even if you can't balance your own checkbook."

--Bill Palmer, M-U-M, March 2007, page 79

But that's not can also demonstrate that your audience members have incredible intuition as well! The Mentalist's Puzzle Set is an easy-to-perform miracle with an impact limited only by your presentational skills. Nothing ingratiates you to an audience more effectively than letting one of their own share your spotlight.

Here's what happens. You invite an audience member on stage and show her a large, colorful jigsaw puzzle with one piece missing. Your participant reaches into a box or bag and, through her powers of intuition, finds the missing piece!

"Lee [Earle] created a very nice routine and Curt has now made it available for a limited time at a very attractive price. Once they're gone, they're gone. Curt isn't kidding about that. So if this interests you, get it now. Definitely recommended."
--Jheff, Marketplace of the Mind


What's Included in the Package?

Here's what you get with the Mentalist's Puzzle Set:

  • A fully-assembled 32" x 23" jigsaw puzzle (see this page for available designs).

  • A set of special pieces.

  • A licensed copy of Lee Earle's Puzzling Perception routine.

  • All for only $69.95, post-paid in the U.S. and Canada. That's 67% off the retail price of competing puzzle effects!

Using the three commercial-quality Relaxing Sudoku books, you can:

  • Demonstrate that all of the puzzles in a book are different.

  • Allow your helpers to select any book and any puzzle they like.

  • Ensure your helpers copied the puzzle onto your grid correctly.

  • Solve any of the books’ puzzles in under two minutes.

  • Verify that the solution in the back of the book matches the selected puzzle.

So What's the Deal?

I usually sell the Mentalist's Puzzle Set usually for $69.95 and Relaxing Sudoku for $79.95. With postage and handling, the total price for residents of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico is $169.95. But, if you buy the two effects as a package, residents of North America can have them both for $129.95 postage paid. That's a 20% discount! If you live outside North America, your cost is only $10 more: $149.95.

Order Now!

If you live in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico, click this button to buy Relaxing Sudoku and the Mentalist's Puzzle Set for $129.95. 


If you live outside of North America, click this button to buy Relaxing Sudoku and the Mentalist's Puzzle Set for $149.95. 

My PayPal address is Please write to let me know which puzzle design you prefer (all designs are in short supply and subject to availability) or if you have any questions!